Steve Albini – inside his recording-head (a bit…)

Steve Albini is in the recording „business“ one of the less figures, who stands a bit outside, but is at the same time one of the most influential for modern band recordings. The reason is in my option, that he is a real musician on a constantly experimental way in playing (Shellac, Black Flag…) and recording with the greed to find always fitted ways in sound and band recording. I guess he is famous for his drumsound, but i think it’s far beyond. He is questioning everything and is a very noconformist. This quite philosophic Q&A interview discribed his viewpoints and you hear between the lines the critical aproach he has.


DIY your spring reverb

I’m a big fan of spring reverbs, because of its unbeatable charme. You send an instrument through it and the magic happens. The easiest way to create some kind of depth and surealism out of cold, static instruments.
And its acutally cheap to build. If you don’t wanna buy old and overpriced equipemt on the second hand way, the guys from Preservation Sound found a way to DIY it.

Slices of spain

No, its not a new Miles Davis record, that someboby got released for him like Bowie made it after his death.
In therms of new aproaches i discovered this spain artist recently. It brings a very „retro” temporary view to the table by appling some digital technics in the real world . As i saw this the first time, i wished every poster on the streets would be like this, because its more full of fantasy than the real one, often who want to sell me something.