New Monoteur tutorial channel on Youtube

Just a short announcement for my new Youtube channel. I decited to share my knowledge about music creation with some instruments and production tips for interested people. But its not about previewing a new or old device rather then showing a way of approching the technology to get certain results.
If you like to support me and donate a small amount so that i have more time to do more tutorials, i created a Patreon page. Through the support you get access to special tracks, samples, videos or songs on the patreon site.



Matthew Herbert between the wars

Matthew Herbert is one of the most controverse composer in „experimental” pop music. He produced i.e. Roisin Murphy or Björk, but he relased by himself records where he for example mangling samples of a new born pig or a sample of a dying chick. Then he suprised with a range of house like dance records. But you always hear in his compositions a research for the way to the exit of listening „standards“. That’s some of the reasons the wrote a manifesto where he is limiting himself to a certain way of working and approaching. In this 50 min interview you can see his struggle between paying the bill and go agaist the corrupt system we live in….

play floppy melodies

This is less than a 8 bit sound. You can tell it anlogue scatch sequencing.
A polish guy let old computer hardware making its sound and orginized it into an orchestra of printers, harddisc’s and floppies. The “Floppotron“ is driven by a tracker software and it looks like if he find out a way to tune a printer, a scanner and a wall of floppy drives. I wish i could send him a midi file to play my tunes with his orchestra…