Matthew Herbert between the wars

Matthew Herbert is one of the most controverse composer in „experimental” pop music. He produced i.e. Roisin Murphy or Björk, but he relased by himself records where he for example mangling samples of a new born pig or a sample of a dying chick. Then he suprised with a range of house like dance records. But you always hear in his compositions a research for the way to the exit of listening „standards“. That’s some of the reasons the wrote a manifesto where he is limiting himself to a certain way of working and approaching. In this 50 min interview you can see his struggle between paying the bill and go agaist the corrupt system we live in….


Wintergatan did it again

The swedish Jules Verne of DIY electro-mechanical instruments did it again and made another instrument, what is based on a kalimba. This time he is playing live as a duo with his selfmade ribbon modular synth. I guess its his own composition. Sounds just gorgeous…

Slices of spain

No, its not a new Miles Davis record, that someboby got released for him like Bowie made it after his death.
In therms of new aproaches i discovered this spain artist recently. It brings a very „retro” temporary view to the table by appling some digital technics in the real world . As i saw this the first time, i wished every poster on the streets would be like this, because its more full of fantasy than the real one, often who want to sell me something.